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Surveys and On-Site Consultation:  discover your land through botanical and ecological surveys, learn how to identify the plants around your home or business, improve your backyard wildlife habitat.

Editing and Writing: engaging articles on science and gardening topics for magazines and newsletters, grant writing for science, education and curatorial funding, educational signage for nature centers and public gardens.

Workshops and Lectures:  Explore topics including invasive plant identification and control, conservation landscaping, promoting native plants for landscaping, basic plant identification, introduction to ecological restoration, plant conservation.  Hands-on workshops use plant samples and tools in a classroom or outdoor setting.

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Land Planning and Development:  tap into decades of expertise in environmentally sensitive land development for both conservation and for-profit development that emphasizes environmental quality.  Thousands of acres successfully and creatively developed and/or preserved.

Editing and Writing:  turn scientific work into readable and lively writing.  Summarize and report the proceedings of scientific and environmental conferences and workshops.   Create a convincing grant proposal.  Draw on years of business and science writing accomplishments.

Workshops and Lectures:  challenge your audience or your students with an original point of view and innovative proposals for solving environmental problems.  Explore the history of environmental positions, the politics or the policy implications.  Define the interaction of economics and environmental action.  Or provide an experienced moderator for discussion and debate.

Mediation: The fast, economical, and creative way to solve land use disputes—whether they involve beach erosion or allocating rights to mushrooming on federal lands; a conflict between organic and non-organic farmers or right of way issues and eminent domain.