Paperback, 528 pages, full color photographs. Available from Stackpole Books, National Book Network and online book sellers

Invasive Plants tells the history of invasives, defines their impact on natural areas and the economy, describes their role in natural systems, and provides a field guide to over 175 of the most common species in North America.

The 3rd edition will be published by September 1, 2023!

The authors have created this web site as a portal to the world of invasive plants and as a place to explore their importance in the natural environment, current research, public policy, and management methods. We invite questions, comments, and debate.

“It is a practical tool for scientists, weed managers, and for landowners wishing to know more about invasive species and their management … It is a pleasure to skim through and serves its stated purpose well”
C.R. Allen et al.  Great Plains Research 18(2):234

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