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Factors that make temperate forests susceptible to invasion

Higher light availability, later spring leaf-out, and higher soil nitrate levels in intact forests all correlate with a greater abundance of invasive plants.  The authors of this study looked at interior forest understories where different canopy species resulted in different … Continue reading

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Survey shows Maine nursery industry concern over invasive plants

A survey of Maine nursery and landscaping businesses showed that most respondents were concerned about invasive ornamental plants and tried to steer their customers towards buying non-invasive plants.  Most would also support labeling of invasive ornamental plants or would not … Continue reading

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Lyme disease, Japanese barberry and flame throwers

Two Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station researchers have been spending a lot of time among the barberry.  One frequently cited study of theirs links the prevalence of Lyme-disease carrying ticks with Japanese barberry infestations.  Another study discusses control techniques including herbicides and … Continue reading

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