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Updated Michigan guide to Phragmites control

Michigan’s A Guide to the Control and Management of Invasive Phragmites has recently been updated.  This 3rd edition has expanded content on how to distinguish between the native and European strain of Phragmites and new recommendations on treatment strategies.

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Adaptations of native plants to invasive plants

I often get questions about what the long-term outlook is like for native plants, so it was great to see a study that looks at genetic adaptations of native species in invaded grasslands.  The authors have been studying adapations of … Continue reading

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How wide to stream buffers need to be to reduce plant invasions?

Most riparian buffer regulations are set to reduce nutrient inputs to waterways, but riparian buffers also serve as habitat for native plants and animals.  Plant invasions can significantly alter riparian habitats.  A new paper by Ferris et al. looks at … Continue reading

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