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Demand for drought tolerant plants might bring in new invasives

A research paper in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment demonstrates how new sources of plants and demand for new plants as climate changes may lead to new invasive plant introductions. ¬†Emerging sources of nursery imports include parts of South … Continue reading

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Survey shows Maine nursery industry concern over invasive plants

A survey of Maine nursery and landscaping businesses showed that most respondents were concerned about invasive ornamental plants and tried to steer their customers towards buying non-invasive plants.¬† Most would also support labeling of invasive ornamental plants or would not … Continue reading

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Consumers willing to pay extra for non-invasive plants?

I was initially excited by the title of a new research article by Yue et al., “Do native and invasive labels affect consumer willingness to pay for plants? Evidence from experimental auctions” published in Agricultural Economics (2011) 42:195-205.¬† But after … Continue reading

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