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Lyme disease, Japanese barberry and flame throwers

Two Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station researchers have been spending a lot of time among the barberry.  One frequently cited study of theirs links the prevalence of Lyme-disease carrying ticks with Japanese barberry infestations.  Another study discusses control techniques including herbicides and … Continue reading

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New uses for Japanese honeysuckle

There is always controversy about finding uses for invasive plants because you don’t necessarily want to turn them into a commodity in their non-native range, but here are two uses for Japanese honeysuckle that I recently learned about: 1. Using … Continue reading

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Texas Invasive Species Citizen Science initiative

A partnership of organizations in Texas has put together a citizen scientist program for reporting invasive species across the state.  The web site has online training tools and a handbook as well as a section on information for individual species, … Continue reading

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