New uses for Japanese honeysuckle

There is always controversy about finding uses for invasive plants because you don’t necessarily want to turn them into a commodity in their non-native range, but here are two uses for Japanese honeysuckle that I recently learned about:

1. Using extract of honeysuckle as a UV blocking coating on wool clothing.  Researchers in China found that an extract of Lonicera japonica may be effective as a UV block on clothing.  It is used traditionally in China as a medicine to treat colds and fevers and an ingredient made from honeysuckle is used in cosmetics to keep skin looking younger and as a food preservative.

Sun, S. and R. Tang. 2011. Adsorption and UV protection properties of the extract from honeysuckle onto wool.  Industrial and Chemical Engineering Research 50(8):4217-4224. DOI: 10.1021/ie101505q

2. Making an infusion of honeysuckle flowers in vodka.  What a great way to stop seed production!  Here is one recipe:

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