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Field Guide for Pacific Coast Forest Invaders

Similar to its guide for Southern forests, the USDA Forest Service has published a guide to invasive plants in Pacific Coast forests.  Download it at or order a copy from Gray, A. N., K. Barndt and S. H. Reichard. … Continue reading

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Weed sniffing dogs

The Montana based non-profit, Working Dogs for Conservation,, trains dogs to sniff out invasive plants. The dogs can sniff out at least 5 species, including Dyer’s Woad (Isatis tinctoria).  Their noses are especially useful in detecting small populations of plants in … Continue reading

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Burning bush makes poor amphibian habitat

A study in Missouri woodlands demonstrated that amphibian species richness (numbers of species) and evenness (relative distribution of species) declined in plots dominated by burning bush, Euonymus alatus.  The decline was attributable to a cooler microclimate under burning bush.  The cooler temperatures … Continue reading

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