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Is the cost of Phragmites control worth it?

In a survey of 285 land managers in the U.S., researchers found that they spent nearly $4 million dollars per year on control of non-native Phragmites australis on 89,000 ha but few were happy with the results of their control … Continue reading

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Invasives in British forests

The magazine “Wood Wise” from Great Britain has an issue on managing invasive species (mostly plants) in woodlands.  They cover several species also considered invasive in North America, giant hogweed and Himalayan balsam, and several species native to North America … Continue reading

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The Smithsonian Ecological Research Center’s Marine Invasions Research Lab tackles the interesting question of what the definition of an invasive species is, Does it depend on how it was introduced, how long it has been here, or what effects it … Continue reading

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