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Assessing plants for invasiveness

I’ve been steeped in the nuances of assessments of plant invasiveness the last few months as the Maryland Invasive Plant Advisory Committee develops an assessment for non-native terrestrial plants that grow or could grow in Maryland.  Most assessments look at … Continue reading

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Controlling Para grass without herbicides

Para grass, Urochloa mutica, grows in the southeastern United States in fields, marshes and swamps.  It spreads by runners to form dense stands. It can be controlled with herbicides, but managers often wish to avoid using herbicides in sensitive wetland … Continue reading

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Tadpole morphology changed by Roundup

Researchers discovered that tadpoles of three frog and toad species (wood frogs, leopard frogs and American toads)  developed the same tail shape that they do when exposed to predators such as dragonfly larvae or newts.   The different tail shape … Continue reading

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