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Herbicide resistant creeping bentgrass

Another study on the potential effects of escaped transgenic creeping bentgrass, Agrostis stolonifera, is out.  This study shows that in Central Oregon wetland communities are at particular risk of invasion by creeping bentgrass and by redtop, Agrostis gigantea. Redtop can … Continue reading

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Fungi helping cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) invasions in North America

Researchers discovered that a new fungal-plant relationship developed between cheatgrass plants (Bromus tectorum) and a fire-dependent fungus (Morchella).  The fungus grows into the plant tissues and increases the biomass and seed production of the grass.  More biomass leads to more … Continue reading

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Survey shows Maine nursery industry concern over invasive plants

A survey of Maine nursery and landscaping businesses showed that most respondents were concerned about invasive ornamental plants and tried to steer their customers towards buying non-invasive plants.  Most would also support labeling of invasive ornamental plants or would not … Continue reading

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Management Guidelines for Florida Aquatic Plants now Online

The University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants has a new website for learning about aquatic invasive plant management,  The resources on the site will be helpful for land managers in many states.

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Field Guide for Pacific Coast Forest Invaders

Similar to its guide for Southern forests, the USDA Forest Service has published a guide to invasive plants in Pacific Coast forests.  Download it at or order a copy from Gray, A. N., K. Barndt and S. H. Reichard. … Continue reading

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Updated Florida Non-Native Plant Management Guidelines

The University of Florida IFAS Extension has published a revised edition of “Integrated Management of Nonnative Plants in Natural Areas of Florida” by K. A. Langeland, J. A. Ferrell, B. Sellers, G. E. MacDonald, and R. K. Stocker (SP 242).  This … Continue reading

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Lyme disease, Japanese barberry and flame throwers

Two Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station researchers have been spending a lot of time among the barberry.  One frequently cited study of theirs links the prevalence of Lyme-disease carrying ticks with Japanese barberry infestations.  Another study discusses control techniques including herbicides and … Continue reading

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Texas Invasive Species Citizen Science initiative

A partnership of organizations in Texas has put together a citizen scientist program for reporting invasive species across the state.  The web site has online training tools and a handbook as well as a section on information for individual species, … Continue reading

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