Bushkiller Vine found in Maryland

Bushkiller vine, Cayratia japonica, has been found at 2 sites in Maryland, one in Anne Arundel Co. and the other in Baltimore (K. Kyde, MD DNR, 11/21/13).  These are the northernmost known occurrences of this plant. This vine looks a lot like Virginia creeper, but the leaflets are not all attached to a central point.  The lowermost leaflets occur in pairs.  As it name implies, bushkiller vine can overtop shrubs blocking light to the shrub’s leaves.  It climbs using tendrils.

bushkiller, Cayratia japonica  (Rhamnales: Vitaceae) - 2105066

Photo: Robert J. Richardson, North Carolina State University, Bugwood.org – See more at: http://www.invasive.org/browse/detail.cfm?imgnum=2105066#sthash.16vC8cJ1.dpuf

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