Trendiest weed control method? Goats!

Goats seem to be the hottest new weed control method.  They have been used for weed control probably since they were first domesticated, but companies offering rental goats specialized in weed control are, growing like weeds.  Goats offer an alternative to herbicides, but they can be costly to use because of the care and maintenance required.  Of course spray equipment requires a lot of care and maintenance too, so maybe the investment evens out.  The public seems to enjoy watching goats work much more than they like to see spray equipment being used!

Below is just a sampling of companies now offering goat rental services for weed control.  The only rental we are personally familiar with is EcoGoats, so please check references before choosing a company.  Add your favorite goat rental to this list!

EcoGoats, MD,

Green Goat Rentals, ID and WA,

Rent-a-Ruminant, WA,

The Goat Lady, WA,

Goats R Us, CA,

The Goat Girls, MA,


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