Stop the seeds, stop the spread? Sterile burning bush developed.

Euonymus alatus seeds

A new cultivar will be seedless

Researchers at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station  have painstakingly developed a sterile triploid cultivar of Euonymus alatus, winged burning bush.  This ever-popular landscape plant has created dense thickets when it escapes into forests.  The process for developing the sterile cultivar is being patented by the researchers and the University of Connecticut.  It will take several years before the sterile plants are available at a nursery near you.  Sales of burning bush currently reach $38 million/year in the U.S.

Thammina et al. 2011. In vitro regeration of triploid plants of Euonymus alatus ‘Compactus’ (burning bush) from endosperm tissues. HortScience 46:1141-1147.

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